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With excitement, we introduce the “CSHC clip of the week”.  We pray a regular reminder of a special sermon, service, or singing from our archives of Campmeetings, Feast Meetings, or special services will bless you.

Just click on an icon/clip below to see a more detailed introduction and then click on the link in the text to listen/watch.

Isaiah 26:3 reminds us of the blessings available by keeping our hearts and minds stayed on Him: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

“The Opposites of Thanksgiving and Covetousness” – Bro. Chris Collier – Columbia County Feast Meeting 2017

Just as God has set light in opposition to darkness so is Thanksgiving in opposition to covetousness (which is idolatry). Though no one is jailed for covetousness, it might well […]

“Job” by Sis. Christie Toole in Camp meeting 2022

We invite you to listen to Sis. Christie Toole as she “skips a rock” through the life of Job and you will see that when he was tried, he came […]

“The Calls of the Lord” by Sis. Joanna Basham in Campmeeting 2021

On the last Saturday night of Campmeeting 2021 Sis. Joanna observes the calls of the Lord and asks us if we’re willing to request, accept, and follow His call. **Help […]

CSHC Clip of the Week’ with Bro. Joseph Clelland

In Camp Meeting 1984, Bro. Joseph draws a straight line through a multitude of scriptures concerning the biblical truth about the coming of Christ.

“Man’s Pursuit of Happiness” by Bro. Floyd Hagan in Campmeeting

In this sermon from Campmeeting 1988, Bro. Floyd preaches about the perpetual pursuit of happiness of mankind. This message is well representative of his preaching and ministry and includes a […]

But Arise and Stand Upon Thy Feet by Sis Nettie Hagan at Camp Meeting 1952

Hear a sermon delivered by a dear saint who personifies what it means to be sanctified. Aunt Nettie was part of the “traveling” generation of Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church. She […]

“Turn Around! Turn Around!” by Bro. Ben Jernigan at Camp Meeting 1983

Bro. Ben gives an excellent sermon on “principles” of doctrine. Touching on many pillars of scripture and bringing to light the beauty of the doctrine of sanctification. It is plain […]

CSHC Clip of the Week’ with Bro. Gene Mustin from Camp Meeting 2016

In Camp Meeting 2016, Bro. Gene Mustin shares pivotal decisions after sanctification that supported his sanctified life and the value of a first impression. The Lord requires the personal responsibility […]

“Examine Yourself” by Bro. Glenn Copeland in Camp Meeting 2019

In the opening night of Camp meeting 2019, Bro. Glenn Copeland delivered a timeless exhortation to “Examine Yourself”. If you will listen to the Holy Ghost… you will be a […]

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