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With excitement, we introduce the “CSHC clip of the week”.  We pray a regular reminder of a special sermon, service, or singing from our archives of Campmeetings, Feast Meetings, or special services will bless you.

Just click on an icon/clip below to see a more detailed introduction and then click on the link in the text to listen/watch.

Isaiah 26:3 reminds us of the blessings available by keeping our hearts and minds stayed on Him: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

“I Saw the Lord High and Lifted Up” Sister Becky Collier

Sis. Becky Collier humbly opens by quoting a song line “from the snares of sinful pleasure here my feet are always free”. She observes that Daniel seemed to be living […]

“The Gospel Story” Sister Kay Teague

Sis Kay Teague opens her Camp Meeting 2017 sermon by humbly professing her love of the Lord. She concludes that progressive values are an oxymoron as the Word of God […]

“We Shall Reign on the Earth” Brother Joe Hashemi

This sermon on the Christian experience of reigning over sin was preached on Sunday morning at the Feast Meeting in Greensboro on June 17, 2012. Bro. Joe uses a number […]

“The Promises of God” Brother Leon Stewart

During the early 90’s, the Charleston crowd hosted a series of revival meetings over the July 4th weekend. This sermon by Bro. Leon Stewart was preached on July 3, 1994 […]

“The Double Minded Man” Brother Jeff Price

At the Leesburg 2016 Feast Meeting Bro. Jeff Price delivered “The Double Minded Man”. Starting in the book of James, Bro. Jeff moves to Genesis 13 -19 to preach on […]

“Christ Triumphs Over Sin” Brother Ty Smith

This week we want to take you back to Campmeeting 2017 to Bro. Ty Smith’s sermon. There is too much good content in this one to absorb all at one […]

Answers in Scripture

In a world filled with conflicting messages, it’s easy to feel confused and unsure of what to believe. If you’re seeking clarity, consider the scriptures as your ultimate authority. You’re invited to watch a series of short videos to gain deeper insights and understanding of Biblical truths.

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