What We Do

Our Worship Services

Worship service is at the core of what we do as Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church. We believe that the gathering of believers together is of utmost importance according to the scriptures and that each member benefits spiritually and emotionally from attendance to regular worship services. In our worship services, we have a blend of preaching, testifying, spirited acapella singing, sincere group prayer, and Bible reading.

We strongly encourage our members old and young, male and female to participate in our services, and we desire that the Holy Spirit lead our services. We encourage seekers to come to the altar and pray to receive forgiveness of sins or to be sanctified or to seek God’s help with a burden or problem. Each of our church locations hosts regular worship services: see the church location pages for updated service schedules.

In addition, our churches have Sunday School for all ages and specially scheduled Bible Studies, please feel free to contact us to connect with one of these opportunities.


Everyone is invited to join Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church for our Eighty-Second Annual campmeeting. Since 1939, our campmeeting continues to proclaim the message of holiness and full salvation through sanctification of the spirit. Campmeeting provides time to concentrate on the word of God and the application of His spirit in our daily life away from the normal daily tasks. It provides a wonderful spiritual atmosphere with powerful preaching, spirit-filled singing, and the fellowship of God’s people. Come and bring your family and friends to hear God’s word and hopefully be encouraged in your spiritual walk.

Our campground facilities are located six miles north of Perry, GA on US Highway 41. This site features a 1,000 seat sanctuary, a cafeteria, and an education building and chapel for a children’s Bible School; all buildings are air-conditioned to provide for a more enjoyable visit. There is no cost or registration required for attending this campmeeting. The onsite cafeteria serves three meals per day at a reasonable cost. Overnight accommodations and restaurants are available in Perry, GA or Warner Robins GA.

Special Services

Many of our locations host an annual “Feastmeeting Weekend,” which is a Friday night through Sunday morning series of worship services with food and fun and opportunities to connect with each other and with God. These revival-style weekends promote unity among our churches, promote evangelism, and provide spiritual growth and encouragement for all who attend. Check the locations pages and Events page for upcoming scheduled feast meetings.

Thanksgiving Work Weekend

Each year at Thanksgiving our Young Peoples Work Program hosts a Work Weekend when volunteers congregate at our church Campground for a variety of building and maintenance projects. Bible Studies and other activities are planned for the young folks, and each evening a worship service is held.

Lifespring Church Home

Our nursing home and rehabilitation facility has been in operation since 1939, and has garnered recent accolades for our high level of care. Our not-for-profit mission is to “serve our community seniors and live Christ’s love with compassion and care through the Church Home with the highest quality skilled nursing services in the area.”

Learn more about Lifespring Church Home