CSHC Foundation Trust

Why a Foundation?

The Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church Foundation Trust was established in order to provide a legal, perpetuating institution by which members and friends may make gifts to Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church.

The Foundation was established in 1973 and qualifies as a tax-exempt organization. The corporation is administered by a board of trustees, who are members of the Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church. Decisions on use of the funds are approved by a majority vote of the board.

The Foundation consists of gifts and bequests. These donations are 100% tax deductible. Stewardship of money is guided by preserving principle and growing the funds. The funds are distributed in accordance with “Guidelines for Trust Operations.”

The Foundation funds are solely used to support CSHC in four ways:

  1. Operation and maintenance of the CSHC Home for the Aged.
  2. Perpetual care for CSHC cemetery.
  3. Maintenance of CSHC sanctuary, chapel, offices, meeting rooms, other facilities and grounds at  CSHC headquarters in Perry, GA.
  4. Establishment and construction of new CSHC churches through loans or gifts.

Helping Make a Difference

The Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church Foundation Trust has given gifts and loans to make the following projects possible. Campground Cemetery, Lifespring Church expansion in 1990 and 2017, Campground Cafeteria built in 1998, Campground Sanctuary built in 2004, Campground Chapel built in 2009, Campground Youth Park built in 2010 and gifts and loans given to help with the establishment and construction of new CSHC churches throughout the southeast.

An Invitation

Your donation  the work of the church by making a gifts to the Foundation. Here are some of the ways you can participate with contributions of:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Real Estate (Some Limitations Apply)
  • Life Insurance
  • Gift Annuities
  • Bequest

The Foundation has two major advantages:

  1. Members and friends of the Church can give their substance for the Lord’s work in a way that assures continuity for the church.
  2. The foundation can provide funds for church endeavors, which are separate and above the normal budgeted financial needs.

Please consider a gift to the Foundation Trust in your will. Generally, your bequest will result in tax benefits to you or your estate.  Your gift is 100% tax deductible.


The Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church Foundation Trust was established in 1973……


Current Board of  Trustees

  • Sis. Janice Norman – Chairperson
  • Sis. Sheila Kolb
  • Bro. Elwood Collier
  • Bro. Samm Jernigan
  • Sis. Tracy Rogers
  • Bro. Scott Hagan
  • Sis. Shelly Bishop
  • Sis. Candy Barnes

Former Trustees

  • Bro. Frank Robuck
  • Bro. Tommy Bonner
  • Bro. Tom Bonner*
  • Bro. Ray Smith, Sr.*
  • Bro. Dan Bonner, Sr.*
  • Bro. Bill Hobbs*
  • Sis. Hazel Bonner*
  • Bro. Joseph Clelland*
  • Bro. Britain Parker*
  • Bro. Floyd Hagan*

* Deceased

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