Join Us Virtually As We Gather

Live services from our church campground headquarters are broadcast here when we have special meetings. Otherwise, we stream selected replays or you can listen to or watch a clip of the week.

Many of our services are available on Youtube where you can subscribe for event reminders. We invite you to join any one of our regularly scheduled live broadcasts from one of our online congregations listed below:

10:00 am Atlanta/Between Sunday School
10:30 am Charleston or FaceBook
10:30 am Leesburg or Facebook
11:00 am Raleigh
11:00 am West Columbia Sunday School
11:00 am Wilmington
12:00 pm (11 Central TIME) Jemison
6:00 pm Greensboro or Facebook or YouTube
6:00 pm Wilmington Sunday School
6:30 pm Charleston or Facebook
7:00 pm Chesapeake or Facebook
7:30 pm Atlanta/Between
7:30 pm Charleston or Facebook
7:30 pm Leesburg or Facebook
7:30 pm Raleigh
7:30 pm Wilmington
7:30 pm Chesapeake or Facebook