“Joy That Comes With Salvation” Sis. Estelle Tarr

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
"Joy That Comes With Salvation" Sis. Estelle Tarr

Several months after Bro. Josh Tarr’s passing, Sis Estelle Tarr in Camp Meeting 1975 celebrates our robe of rightness, the old rugged cross and the man that bore it to Calvary that you and I can be sanctified. She recommends the joy that comes with salvation! A little of the world and we’ll lose the sweetness of the Spirit, but strive to enter in at the straight gate. The Lord can congeal the waters blocking serving the Lord and lead across on dry land like he did the children of Israel. There remains a rest to the people of God!

It is the Spirit that quickeneth, and this clip is saturated with the Spirit! .

– Bro. David Cosby

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