Two Roads to Travel Brother Horace Curry

“Two Roads to Travel” Brother Horace Curry

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
"Two Roads to Travel" Brother Horace Curry

At the 1975 Camp Meeting, Bro. Horace Curry Sr. preached a sermon on the road of holiness vs. the road of sin and gave a tremendous call to sinners to make a start for God before it was too late. On a personal note, my parents have often told me of what a loving, caring soul Bro Horace was, and that he visited their apartment just after I was born and prayed a “beautiful prayer” over me. He died not long after. I often wonder what he prayed for that day and have often desired that I could have known him. Recordings like these help me to feel connected to old saints like Bro Horace to whom we owe so much. I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I have.

In Christ,

– Bro. David Copeland

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