Will You Also Go Away? Bro. Jeff Price

“Will You Also Go Away?” Bro. Jeff Price- Wilmington Feast Meeting 2017

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
"Will You Also Go Away?" Bro. Jeff Price- Wilmington Feast Meeting 2017

In the 2017 Wilmington Feast Meeting, Bro. Jeff Price reminds us that Jesus’ life had an undeniably more profound impact than any man with just his spoken word. After the miracles of the loaves and fishes, Jesus said “Labor not for the meat that perisheth”. As they were seeking food, we can also seek to serve God for the benefits and blessings, rather than being motivated by sincere love, sacrifice, true commitment, and service from the heart. Without His drawing and the true love of God, would-be Christians will disperse as the crowds did when the loaves and fishes ended. When the crowd left, it didn’t seem to bother Jesus; he understood their heart. The question Jesus asked his disciples still applies today; “Will you also go away?”

– Bro. David Cosby


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